The deeper you fall in love with Jesus, the safer you feel in this sin ridden world. Don’t believe me? Try it.
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She is free not by disobeying the rules but by obeying them.
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*adds “staying in my lane” to my resumé*

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It’s exciting when you find parts of yourself in someone else.
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I need God, and I do not need many things; but Him? I need Him daily. I need Christ when my morning is joyful, I need Him when my evenings are mournful. I need Him as I need nothing else, I need Him when I forget, and I need Him when I remember; I shall continue to need Him more, each and everyday, until the end.
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I want to be a woman who lives totally abandoned to the first commandment: to love my Lord, my God, with all my heart. I don’t want the reputation that I love God, I don’t want to write songs about loving God, I don’t want to talk about loving God. I want to actually love God. When I close my eyes, I want my heart to move. When I close my eyes and I look at Him, I want to feel alive on the inside. I want to look at Him with a fire in my heart and it’s real.
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